Integrating MRA Into Your Medical Practice—NOW!

MRA® at a Glance.

MRA (Meridian Regulatory Acupuncture) was developed in the early 1970s, by Lupo T. Carlota, a medical doctor born in the Philippines.

This scientific mode of acupuncture is also known as MRA Therapy or simply MRA.

Carlota was one of the first to use acupuncture in the U.S. after it was publicly introduced in 1972, as a result of a presidential visit to China.

A Western-trained physician and scientist, Carlota saw first-hand the impressive results his patients experienced with acupuncture. Yet he knew there was something missing – a solid scientific explanation of how it worked and why.

With that challenge clearly in mind, Carlota soon formulated the revolutionary “Quantum Theory of Acupuncture,” which he later posited in 1976 during the International Acupuncture Society convention held in Taipei, Taiwan. The pristine postulate explained for the first time the scientific basis of acupuncture.

Sweepingly coherent and unprecedented in scope, the novel theory marked a radical departure from the empirical tenets that had subserved the foundations of acupuncture over the last 5000 years. From the early start, MRA (Meridian Regulatory Acupuncture) was the application tool of Carlota’s original idea. A highly advanced system of acupuncture, MRA Therapy has been embraced by physicians in the U.S. and overseas in the last 45 years.

The success of MRA as a treatment modality for severe specific pain problems and disease, including many difficult-to-treat disorders, is due to the insights, application and input of many individuals.

We salute the leading-edge physicians who have attended MRA education and training programs, and integrated MRA into their very own medical practice setting. These scientifically-minded doctors mastered the simplified skills, and effectively used it in the management of pain and disease. Their knowledge and skillfull use of MRA (Meridian Regulatory Acupuncture) has helped transform people’s lives for the better.

“I commend every MRA Practicioner for exploring the facts, thinking outside the box, and using MRA as an important tool in medical practice,” says Carlota.

In embracing the MRA System of Therapy, MRA Graduates quickly discovered that they could help patients they previously had to refer to other doctors and specialists. Today they get referrals when all else has failed. With positive outcomes, more patients and doctors are now looking to MRA as an early treatment alternative instead of a last resort.

Someone once said, “No matter what your accomplishments, somebody helps you. The credit for MRA’s achievements in the last 45 years, and counting, belongs to all MRA Alumni, friends and supporters who have helped advance the study and practice of MRA, as a safe, effective, science-based, and medically-sound treatment against pain and disease.

5-Day MRA® Physician Training & Certification

Physicians who want to become Certified MRA Practitioners can earn Certification via two unique MRA 5-Day Physician Training Programs. The first option is a 5-Day “One-on-One MRA Training with Dr. Lupo T. Carlota in Memphis.” The second option is attending a regularly scheduled 2-Day MRA Seminar, followed by the 3-Day MRA Preceptorship held at any of the selected sites listed below.

[Option 1]   5-Day MRA One-on-One Training            with Dr. Carlota in Memphis

World-class, advanced training. Built around your convenient schedule!

Excellence. Comprehensive. Personalized. These are the hallmarks of Dr. Carlota’s MRA Physician Training & Certification Program held at the MRA Training Center in Memphis, TN, USA.

Coming to Memphis for MRA Training & Certification has many built-in advantage for you.

For starters, there is no additional charge. And, because of the location, physicians training in Memphis are able to see first-hand how we work with actual patients inside a working MRA Clinic. The course runs Saturday through Wednesday. As with all MARIA-Certified MRA Training Program, this 5-Day intensive hands-on course is taught by MRA® Developer and MARIA Founder, Dr. Lupo T. Carlota. This one-on-one training and mentoring opportunity with Dr. Carlota is expected to fill quickly. Available dates are based on a first-come, first-served basis.

To Schedule Your personalized 5-Day MRA Training & Certification with Dr. Carlota, Call 901-821-8595.

Our helpful and highly-trained team in Memphis will work with you and Dr. Carlota
to secure a five-day training window, ideally suited to your needs and convenience.

[Option 2]   2017 – Scheduled MRA Seminars                   & Preceptorships

The 5-Day MRA Certification Program includes a required 2-Day foundation MRA Seminar (or attendance at any MRA Congress) followed by a separate 3-Day hands-on MRA Preceptorship. Please note: If you want to complete the 5-Day MRA Certification Program in one sitting you must attend the MRA Seminar (or Congress) and the MRA Preceptorship. Training schedule is subject to change without notice.

STEP 1—> 2-Day MRA Seminar

Sept 23-24 Orlando, FL
Oct 14-15 Washington, DC
Nov 11-12 New Orleans, LA
Dec 9-10 Miami, FL
Jan 27-28 San Juan, Puerto Rico
Feb 17-18 Las Vegas, NV
Mar 8-10 MRA World Congress 2018 Memphis, TN
Apr 21-22 Atlanta, GA
May 12-13  Washington, DC
June 16-17 Chicago, IL
July 14-15 Denver, CO

STEP 2 —> 3-Day MRA Preceptorship

Sept 25-27 Orlando, FL
Oct 16-18 Washington, DC
Nov 13-15 New Orleans, LA
Dec 11-13 Miami, FL
Jan 29-31 San Juan, Puerto Rico
Feb 19-21 Las Vegas, NV
Mar 12-14 Memphis, TN
Apr 23-25 Atlanta, GA
May 14-16 Washington, DC
June 18-20 Chicago, IL
July 16-18 Denver, CO