About MRA®

Acupuncture has advanced with time.  Today its practice transcends ancient rudimentary art to a scientific application that is refined, safe, and effective.  It is called MRA® (Meridian Regulatory Acupuncture.)

MRA® (Meridian Regulatory Acupuncture) is a federally registered service mark of modern scientific acupuncture developed in the early 1970s by Lupo T. Carlota, a medical doctor born in the Philippines.  It is also known as MRA Therapy or simply MRA.

MRA Therapy aims to restore the harmonious interaction of the meridians — invisible channels of bioenergy that regulate the processes of life, health, and disease.  MRA harnesses the body’s own natural defenses to promote healing, regeneration, and a lasting relief from pain and disease.

The body is in homeostasis (state of wellbeing) when the meridians interact with each other harmoniously.  Conversely when the meridians are out of sync, pain and/or disease ensue.

MRA works safely with no side effects.  And meets the scientific criteria of measurability, replicability, predictability, and verifiability in restoring the healthful balance of the meridians.

In over 46 years of clinical experience, doctors and patients of all ages prefer MRA over other variants of acupuncture.  And here’s the reason why.

In the MRA System of Therapy, a single, short, hair-thin, electrically-powered needle replaces the multiple needles used in classical acupuncture.  MRA’s much less invasive approach is made possible through a micro-sensitive instrument that tells the doctor precisely where and how much treatment is needed.  Thus ensuring an efficient treatment delivery at the exact points to be treated.